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Lloyd's Market Bulletins & Updates - September

Lloyd's has issued the following Market Bulletins: (Relevant to the Lloyd's market)

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28/09/2017 Y5120 - US Trading Regulatory Regulations - Hurricanes Harvey and Irma
21/09/2017 Y5119 - Publication of 2017 Year-end Standard Formula Calculation Template
13/09/2017 Y5118 - Delivery of Payment Instructions to STFO
08/09/2017 Y5117 - Criminal Finances Act 2017 - Corporate Criminal Facilitation of Tax Evasion Offence
04/09/2017 Y5116 - Canadian Regulatory Reporting
04/09/2017 Y5115 - US Trading Regulatory Reporting
04/09/2017 Y5114 - Non-XIS Overseas Business Return (Canada, Australia and South Africa)









These, and earlier updates, can be obtained from the Lloyd's website.


Lloyd's Regulatory Communications

Lloyd's have also issued a number of communications relating to international regulatory news.

Of particular note are the following:

Lloyd's European Insurance Company

Lloyd's is setting up a new European insurance company, located in Brussels, to ensure the market is able to write risks from all 27 countries in the European Union and three in the European Economic Area after the UK leaves the European Union. Preliminary information about the Lloyd's Insurance Company in Brussels is now available on Crystal to members of the Lloyd's market.

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