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October's Speeches

FCA: Speech by Jonathan Davidson: Culture and Conduct - Extending the Accountability Regime

This speech, given on 20 September 2017 follows, discusses aspects of culture and conduct in financial services in light of the proposed extension of the accountability regime.

See the full speech by Davidson.

FCA: Speech by Andrew Bailey: Trade in Financial Services Matters

Text of this speech, given on 29 September 2017 follows, in which Andrew Bailey considers aspects of trade in financial services and open markets. He suggests: "we stand at a point where we have the basis for effective open financial markets and free trade supported by the regulatory reforms post-crisis, but a threat to achieving that outcome in the form of reactions to Brexit. Trade theory tells us that such a threat is bad all round, not just for the UK ... Regulators must work together to protect market functioning and integrity. Given the high degree of integration in financial markets, regulatory authorities should be able to share information without obstruction".

See the full speech by Bailey.