Risk and Corporate Governance

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Risk and Corporate Governance

Governance reviews

Gap analysis and benchmarking against relevant Corporate Governance Codes, advice on Corporate Governance best practices and independent Board effectiveness evaluation.

A review of the policies and procedures in place to address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

Risk Assessments

Assessment of business and operational risks to determine current risk profile and identify improvement opportunities.

Risk Advisory 

Develop new (or enhance current) Risk Management and Internal Control frameworks, formalise risk management vision and objectives, establish risk ranking/prioritisation criteria, develop risk monitoring and reporting mechanism, compliance monitoring processes.


Padda Consulting can assist you in assessing and implementing culture-related requirements and regulatory expectations within your organisation. This could include:

  • The implementation and embedding of the Senior Managers Certification Regime Code of Conduct rules;
  • Undertaking formal assessments of the culture within your firm, having particular regard to:
    • The FCA’s approach to supervision (April 2019) with a particular focus on the FCA Dear CEO letter on non-financial misconduct in wholesale general insurance firms focussing on the FCA’s stated 4 key drivers;
    • Lloyd’s Market Oversight Letter/Future Culture at Lloyd’s strategy where we will assess you against Lloyd’s five foundational themes and corresponding indicators assessing the firms’ maturity and opportunity to make progress;
  • Assessing the effectiveness of your Whistleblowing processes;We can also undertake internal, and external, culture surveys providing invaluable feedback from employees across the organisation as well as key external relationships.
Risk and Corporate Governance

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