April 25, 2024


by: kiran


Tags: Diversity & Inclusion

Swapping publishing with compliance: Is there any way back?

There’s something that has always marveled me. Not outer space, nor how the pyramids were built or anything like that. But how the national publishers get their newspapers onto the shelves of over 50,000 retailers every morning, despite the final articles only being completed near midnight.

It requires a super slick operation and making this happen was my professional life for over 20 years at the Financial Times, Sunday Times Travel and more recently children’s magazines.

Like many in the publishing world, I saw myself as a ‘lifer’. I was settled. I enjoyed the energy, the customer-focus, the planning and the problem-solving.

But there was no next level to go to and I needed a new challenge.

So, I looked beyond publishing.

I don’t know the numbers, but I can’t imagine many people have shifted from publishing to compliance. They’re worlds apart, aren’t they?

Actually, there are strong parallels, especially in my operational role at Padda Consulting where I manage the client base, recruit new associates and plan projects.

Both require attention to detail and planning, follow set procedures and guidelines, identify patterns, solve problems, communication is key, and the end customer is the priority.

When I first joined Padda, I was overwhelmed by the terminology, processes, and rules – almost like a different language. As I spent time with the team – attending meetings (ensuring they were quorum!) and no COIs, assisting with projects and preparing new business proposals – I learnt that there was a basic principle in play. Compliance is ensuring that you are doing the right thing – by your company, your customers and yourself. It is more than a tick box exercise, and more about safety and protection.

The number of regulatory changes in the financial industry are ever-increasing. I pull together our Padda Newsletter each month which our regulatory in-house guru consultant Gary collates and have seen the focus on Consumer Duty, read the increasing number of fines imposed by the FCA on individuals and firms, increased accountability, and the call for changes in culture. Non-compliance has serious consequences!

At the heart of Padda, lies the culture that we can help you no matter what your compliance needs. Our client base ranges from large corporate companies to small individual firms, and each case is listened to and tailored accordingly. I work closely with Suneeta Padda and see how she gives clients absolute assurance by identifying any gaps and talking through actions step-by-step. The associates at Padda, as well as being regulation experts, all have their own specialist fields including governance, risk, financial crime, data protection to name a few. They’re not only our clients’ go-to for advice. They’re also my go-to.

Along the way I have also had the pleasure of working with the WCI on the Lord Mayor’s show, being part of the passionate teams at RATL and ICAN and exhibiting at the MGAA & BIBA conferences – it really is a people industry!

I’ve been at Padda for just over 2 years. In that time, we’ve doubled our client base and our team of consultants. The company is in its 12th year, firmly established and has big growth ambitions. So even if there was a way back into publishing, I wouldn’t take it. I’m a compliance lifer now.